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Welcome to Starfire Horse Rescue, where troubled, abused, and neglected horses are given the time to heal, and where transformational healing and empowerment is possible. . We are a small run project based in the South West of Scotland and our core principles are founded upon trust, healing and harmony.

Our Core Foundations

We are a small run project and never will we jeopardise our integrity and morals, always ensuring the welfare, and time and space needed for each horse who arrives here is of top priority. For this reason, we do not take in more horses that will compromise the care and time required for each horse. Also, because Dana has her own horses who are not part of Starfire Horse Rescue, the management of the land is vital so as not to ensure over grazing. At present, the maximum amount of horses we feel best suited to the land, is 9, maybe 10, however this may vary as we find balance and harmony with the land. Some horses who arrive may remain, depending on their circumstances, and how well they integrate into a bonded herd. Other horses will be rehomed.


At Starfire Horse Rescue, the core and heart is founded upon trust, incorporating freedom of choice, and all the time needed to gain this trust and to instil confidence through the concepts of Starfire Equine Connection, through herbal enrichment, intuitive communication, and only ever practicing positive reinforcement horsemanship.


The true heart of the work here at Starfire Horse Rescue is that of herbalism, and holistic healing, allowing for deeper transformations to happen, and allowing the most troubled horse to find solace, understanding, and the courage to heal from past traumas. This includes herbalism, flower and vibrational essences, energy healing, sound healing, communication, and veterinary, dental and hoof care, and any other complementary treatments from other professionals.


It is our aim to help the horses to find a place of complete harmony within themselves, emotionally, physically, and mentally, and with a natural enriching environment conducive to complete well-being and empowerment. This includes bonded equine companions, continual forage and freedom to move. To find harmony and balance with a human, or several human companions through our educational equine connection project available to those who wish to rehome a horse.